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Below is my watchlist for contraction and/or cup&handle patterns, as well as the TATR Strategy.

This list was updated on October 29. The list is refreshed every week if overall market conditions are favorable for trading. If conditions are not good, then the watchlist isn’t updated because I am not trading.

The current state of the market: Market Health Indicators are positive. That means I am taking long position swing trades in quality setups as they arise.

My swing trading is based on: Overall market conditions (discussed above) –> strong/weak individual stocks for longs or shorts –> patterns –> trade triggers. This swing trading watchlist focuses on finding strong stocks that are forming the patterns I trade.

Current Swing Trading Watchlist – Contractions and Cup&Handles

Every week or two I run a scan using StockRover looking for stocks that are stronger than the S&P 500. The criteria may change slightly from week to week, based on how the S&P 500 has performed. If the S&P 500 is performing very poorly, there typically is no watchlist since conditions aren’t good for trading these types of patterns.

I run the scan, which usually produces a list of 300 stocks or less. I then manually go through looking for contraction or cup & handle patterns that meet the strategy criteria. This is that list.

This is not a “buy list”. It is simply the stocks I am choosing from to make trades. Some are better than others. Not all will trigger a trade (the last element of the strategy).

Current US Swing Trading Watchlist

226 (173 last week) stocks met the scan criteria below. Since I only trade certain patterns, that list has been narrowed to the stocks below. These are the ones I’ll be watching for trades in.

US swing trading scan criteria oct 23

TH – An extended wedge. Getting squeezed. Earnings around Nov. 15.

LNG – Getting squeezed near highs. Earnings Nov. 3

CQP – Just broke out.

Current Canadain Swing Trading Watchlist

37 (27 last week) stocks met the scan criteria below. Since I only trade certain patterns, that list has been narrowed to the stocks below. These are the ones I will be watching for trades in.

Canadian swing trading scan criteria oct 23

SCL.TO – breaking out now. No consolidation yet.

DOL.TO – Eyeing the contraction this month. Doesn’t look like a triangle. But 2nd drop was smaller than first, then a pop, and is not consolidation.

Swing Trading Stock Watchlist – TATR Strategy

TATR are signals are pulled from the Best Swing Trading Stocks list. The settings for the ATR Stops indicator are (6,1.5)

Currently Strong and Interesting for Longs:

These are stocks that looking good and getting close to triggering a TATR entry.

ALLK – biotech company, had a 90% single-day drop last year
INBX – hanging out just above ATR Stops
RYTM – recently triggered
SBS – recently triggered
SRPT – hanging out just above ATR Stops, near the original entry
YPF – triggered Oct 24. I own.
DKS – triggered on Oct 24. From prior list. I own.

FSLR – Right near the Oct. 26 entry point. Meets the criteria for the Best Swing Trading Stocks List and will be on the updated version early in the week (assuming it stays strong).

Summary Swing Trading Watchlist Video

Here’s a quick video run-down of what I’m looking for in these stocks.

The Complete Method Stock Swing Trading Course covers my entire method of swing trading stocks. Now is a great time to review the material and prepare for the opportunities that are unfolding.

By Cory Mitchell, CMT

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is personal investment advice, or advice to buy or sell anything. Trading is risky and can result in substantial losses, even more than deposited if using leverage.

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