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How our commissions work

Just as a refresher, commissions are the charges you’ll pay for us to facilitate your trades as your broker. We do our best to keep these as low as possible.

On Advantage MT5 accounts, commission is fixed at $4 per lot and doesn’t change based on volume and equity, nor the market you’re trading. So, you’ll be charged $2 when you open a position and $2 when you close it, per every 1 lot you trade.

On our Advantage MT4 account, however, the commission terms are flexible. The higher your equity and the larger your trading volume, the lower the commissions you pay. This is based on a floating structure – so the more your funds and trading volume increase, the less you’ll pay.

The formula we use to calculate commission is:

(Volume * Contract Size * Open Price) / 1,000,000 * Commission * 2.

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