Make Investing Easier With This 1 Tip – Benzinga

There are many ways to invest like stocks, crypto, ETFs, and much more. Aside from this, there are many strategies like long term investing, day or swing trading.

All of these investments and strategies can make things seem overwhelming. But there is one trick that can make investing even easier.

Which is to simply have different investment classes under one platform.

By having your investments under one account, you can save time that you might have spent looking up other accounts, creating/memorizing login info, and getting used to the trading platform. 

Focusing on one platform can make it easier to know the ins and outs of how to use its trading functions and educational content.

Remember to invest in one platform that is a member of the SPIC and FDIC, which protects funds against company bankruptcy or fraud.

Can reduce fees

By having all accounts under one roof, this can save on fees. Some fees can include wire transfer, maintenance, and commissions on trades. 

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