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Maurice Kenny teaches people how to day trade like the top 10% and make $10k per month.

World-renowned day trader and MK Financial LLC founder Maurice Kenny is sharing the secrets to successful day trading with his free one-hour webinar and dedicated coaching. In the webinar, Maurice gives a comprehensive overview of the best practices used by the Top 10% traders and his proprietary 4-step strategy for becoming a competent day trader. Ultimately, his goal is to help everyone, even beginners, become full-time day traders earning at least $10,000 every month.

The core of the free webinar is Maurice’s 4-step strategy. It’s simple and straightforward, not requiring technical indicators, scanners, or even constant news tracking. Maurice’s method enabled many to quit their job and transition to day trading, working only 10 hours a week and enjoying more time for themselves and their families.

The 4-step plan is as follows.

The first step is to trade with the Top 10% traders, particularly hedge funds, and not against them. These people move the market and know how to draw supply and demand. The second step is to enter a trade only after confirmation. It’s about choosing the best price and the lowest probability of trade risk. The third step is to exit only until the chart says so. The fourth is to rely on mental stop losses instead of physical stop losses to minimize risks.

To successfully implement them, Maurice teaches participants to read price action, so they stop missing trades. They learn to leverage their insights to let the trades work for their benefit. Participants also learn to earn consistent profits with sound strategies centered on planned entry and exit criteria.

Maurice says his one-hour free webinar is just the beginning. While it’s undoubtedly helpful in jumpstarting one’s day trading career, his VIP Trading Program offers in-depth insights and insider know-how that will benefit anyone who’s seriously looking to day trade for a living. The VIP masterclass is analysis-heavy, talking about the fundamentals of Maurice’s 4-step strategy and showing a wide range of scenarios that traders may encounter in their careers. It covers everything from the basics to the most advanced day trading concepts.

The masterclass also includes weekly one-on-one coaching with Maurice. Participants get feedback and tailored advice in real-time, positioning them on the path to success. Maurice is very hands-on and thorough in his coaching, so participants get invaluable takeaways in every personal coaching session. The VIP Trading Program is limited to 20 people per month.

In order to watch Maurice Kenny’s 1 hr webinar you can click here to register.

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