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The Price Action Stock Day Trading Course by Cory Mitchell, CMT teaches you how and when to capitalize on price patterns that occur multiple times per day in stocks. The course teaches you precise patterns to watch for that present a favorable risk/reward opportunity.

You can use these patterns in any stock, but I will show you how to find the biggest bang-for-your-buck stocks and patterns.

This course covers what you need to know to day trade stocks, control risk, when not to trade, and how to maximize your profits and skill as quickly as possible. 

No BS, just solid methods, strategies, and information.

The Price Action Stock Day Trading Course is for you if:

  • Want to potentially make double-digit returns each month (with practice and leverage) without spending $1000s on courses and an endless stream of books. This course has it all.
  • Would like to trade part-time or full-time. The method requires only 30 minutes on the days you opt to trade. You are welcome to trade longer if you wish.
  • Are interested in day trading—opening and closing trades within the day. No positions are held overnight.
  • Like the action and satisfaction of taking trades that typically last several minutes on average….but where you can still make 1.5%+ on the account on those trades.
  • If you want to simplify: use only one timeframe, focus only on stocks, 3 price action patterns, and no indicators.

What You Will Learn in the Stock Day Trading Course

Learn 3 powerful patterns that occur regularly and present a favorable risk/reward trade. Learn how you don’t need to predict the market to make money. Instead, we look for specific conditions that line up—I’ll reveal what those conditions are—that provide us with a mathematic edge where we can make 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, what we are risking on the trade. 

Learn how to position size correctly, on the fly. No fumbling with keys or orders during the day. I’ll show you how to get everything set up before you trade so all you need to do is hit the buy or sell button when the conditions of a trade are met.

Loads of tips on trading from my 17 years of day trading experience (I traded for a day trading prop firm for 7 years starting in 2005 before moving on trade my own money).

Learn the most efficient way to reach profitability with ANY STRATEGY. Simplify the process and follow these steps to cut through the BS and reach your goals.

How to grow your account by 2 to 3%, in a single trade that takes minutes. Can often have 1 to 4 trades within the first 30 minutes of the day. Not all trades will be winners, but because we are only risking a fraction of the profit potential, even winning only 50% of the trades results in sizable gains.

Live trading videos show how trades occur in real-time, loads of examples in the course with full explanations, and quizzes to make sure you understand the content.

I don’t believe in revealing a bit of information and then putting you on an endless path of purchasing more courses. I add content to the courses as common questions arise or I find additional strategies that are working well.

Pay one price, learn a way to make another income stream, get updated content, and you can ask questions below the videos. I think that is a pretty good deal.  I spent many years perfecting these methods and I spent months making this course so that you can short-cut your learning curve and learn my method in a couple of days. Then you can start practicing and perfecting your own implementation of the methods.

Below is the table of contents for the course, which I’ll likely add to over time with more videos, examples, and information.

stock day trading course table of contents

How to Access the Course and Format

Purchasing the course gives you immediate access to the Member’s area for that course, where you can ask questions on videos, and stream/watch the videos any time.

Once you have paid for a course, you will immediately be able to access the course via the Member’s Area link on the Main Menu of the site. Use your email and password to log in.
You will also receive an email confirmation (spam folder if you don’t see it).

Once in the Membership Area / My Account click on “Memberships”. Then you can click on the course, or View, to access the course.

Access the course for two full years. If you need more time, no problem. Just let us know via the Contact Us page.

Instructor: Cory Mitchell, CMT

Cory is a Charted Market Technician and has been making his living off the markets since 2005.

In 2005 Cory began his trading journey with a proprietary day trading firm. They provided capital, and his only job was to trade it and make money. In exchange, the firm took a cut of his profits. No salary, no benefits, no job security…make money or hit the road.

​In an industry with less than a 5% success rate, Cory was making a living from his trading within five months, trading every day and working nights to pay the bills during that initial learning period. Once he was profitable, he traded full-time (no more day/night jobs), loving the flexibility, fun, money, and challenge that trading offers.

Cory Mitchell, trader and coach

​In 2011 Cory left the firm to trade on his own. He has extensive experience day trading stocks, ETFs, forex, and futures, as well as swing trading stocks, ETFs, and forex. Cory still actively trades and writes articles for TradeThatSwing and a select group of other prominent financial sites.

​He is an avid golfer (currently a 3 handicap), rock climber, and obstacle course racer, and enjoys healthy eating when he remembers, hiking, camping, and spending time with his family.

Shop with confidence

The course provides information on a complete method of trading that has the potential to perform very well…with practice. Each person has different expectations and different ideas on what they want their trading style to be. This course covers how I trade. That is what you are paying to see and learn. You can trade it as is, or take the elements you like and combine them with other methods.

If you are unsatisfied with the course, use the Contact page to request a refund (less credit card fees, which are typically 3-5%). Refunds are offered within 30 days of purchase.

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