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Are you back at options trading? Don’t know where you can get quality resources without disinformation? As someone who had to start afresh, Markus Heitkoetter knows what it’s like to fail in options trading. Although he got back on his feet and taught himself, there were times when he had to take a step back to think about areas for improvement. 20 years later, he not only succeeded in creating a name for himself, but he wrote international bestseller books and developed a complete trading software. Interested in finding out more? The following is everything you need to know about Rockwell Trading Options 101.

What is the Rockwell Trading Options 101 Course?

The Rockwell Trading Options 101 course is exactly as it seems, a comprehensive guide to starting options trading. Trading is not a small feat, as an investor over 25 years old, Markus Heitkoetter rose to the challenge of training hosts for this course. Thanks to his in-depth video course, individuals are expected to gain a solid base in two of his trading strategies, dubbed the wheel and the PowerX. Here are Markus’ words on what to expect from his course:

“Over the years, I’ve refined my trading strategy and system so that I can teach anyone, no matter their background, how to make consistent money in the markets. My goal is to help regular people transform their lives.”

That takes us to the more important part of this review: the educational opportunities in question!

How has the Rockwell Trading Options 101 Course been structured?

The Rockwell Trading Options 101 video course is just under 30 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • The building blocks of options trading without any of the confusing lingo or jargon
  • The one “Greek” all new and experienced options traders should know to avoid shrinkage in profits
  • The difference amid “strike price” and “expiration” dates for choosing options contracts
  • Grasping the core concepts when buying or selling options
  • How implied volatility could either turn into a friend or foe for options traders
  • Steps that must be avoided to protect one’s investment portfolio

What is offered alongside the Rockwell Trading Options 101 Course?

In addition to the Rockwell Trading Options 101 video course, individuals will also have a chance at the following resources:

Resource #1. The Complete Guide to Day Trading by Markus Heitkoetter

The Complete Guide to Day Trading is an easy-to-understand, practical manual that assists beginner investors with day trading, ultimately, taking everyone toward the path to a financial future.


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Inside this PDF version of Markus’ book, individuals will primarily discover:

  • The definition of day trading and why mindset is as important as strategy to succeed
  • How day trading helps to create part- or full-time income without any bosses involved
  • A thorough 1-2-3 checklist equipped with essential tools for maximum confidence
  • Step-by-step guide on how to develop one’s respective day trading strategy
  • The 10 “power principles” to effectively perform certain day-trading strategies
  • 7 common mistakes that traders routinely make

Resource #2. A Free Consultation Tour

Once people review the video course, they can also book a free tour to find out more about how to trade in any market condition. Specifically, this session will last 45 minutes and will delve deeper into the aforementioned PowerX Optimizer software. Here are key points regarding PowerX:

  • It checks hundreds of stocks every 2 minutes and computes thousands of calculations to identify the best trades
  • It provides a summary of the strike price, premium potential, the number of days each trade is expected to last, and the buying power
  • It includes fully customizable filters that beginners and advanced traders can use
  • It includes visual representation of trades for efficient decision-making
  • It is a true web-based platform with an intuitive interface that works on any computer
  • It embodies common patterns for best returns and minimal losses
  • It provides back tested data for each stock

This personalized one-on-one tour with a Rockwell Trading expert to learn exactly how this software has since helped thousands of traders replace 9-to-5 income sources. For more information on this consult, customer support must be contacted via email at or by texting (512) 337 1885.

People short of time could also request a recording of the tour. As long as people have access to a computer with WiFi and a brokerage account, the PowerX Optimizer can be easily implemented!

How much does the Rockwell Trading Options 101 Course cost?

The Rockwell Trading Options 101 video course and the additional resources listed above are offered at no extra charge. That said, individuals could end up paying for The Wheel and PowerX strategies.


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Meet Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter is writer, lecturer and investor in shares and options and real estate. More to the point, he founded Rockwell Trading in 2005. What began as an effort to share its manners with families and friends, has rapidly expanded its platform to support more than 300,000 merchants across a dozen countries. Born in Germany, the self-created millionaire relocated to the USA 20 years ago with $30,000 in his pockets.

During this time, he consistently traded the markets and made a fortune. Since then, he has authored three best-selling books on trading and investing, all of which have been translated into multiple languages. For people who’d like to learn more about his strategies, his YouTube channel remains a top source of reference, garnering over 4 million views. Today, he lives in Austin TX where he spends most of his time with his family! To learn more about Markus, visit here.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Markus is giving away some of his options trading resources to help users build a strong foundation. Once the basic elements are addressed, he will devote a great deal of time to the strategies he has developed since then. These strategies have been tested by more than hundreds of thousands of individuals, and the general consensus is that they help advance knowledge while increasing profit margins.

For a limited period only, booking a consult with Markus will provide individuals with a preliminary review of its system. We think this is an excellent opportunity, especially seeing how Markus is a prosperous trader who has become a millionaire in this way. How can we ignore access to quality resources that can be examined when necessary? To get started with Markus via Rockwell Trading, click here! >>>.



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