Swing Trading Stock Watchlist for Week of September 12 – TradeThatSwing

Below is my watchlist for the contraction and/or cup&handle patterns, as well as the TATR Strategy.

Market conditions are improving, so I’m taking trades but currently with reduced positions sizes to keep my capital exposure lower (compared to good market conditions).

Swing Trading Stock Watchlist – Contraction Patterns

Here are the scan criteria used this week.

swing trading scanning criteria for US stocks
swing trading scanning criteria for Canadian stocks

166 stocks met the criteria in the US, and 23 stocks on the Canadian side. They were manually filtered to those below.


TOU.TO – Angled up. Don’t really like that. More for watching.


BW – awaiting consolidation

CLMT – awaiting consolidation


XENE – move up and consolidate

MCK – brief patterns, but tightening up

SRTS – awaiting consolidation

STNG – breakout on Sept 9

VST – awaiting consolidation

Swing Trading Stock Watchlist – TATR Strategy

TATR are signals are pulled from the Best Swing Trading Stocks list. The settings for the ATR Stops indicator are (6,1.5)

Recent Triggered, Near the Entry.

ALLO PRVA CELH CYTK CPRX GOSS CD ENPH (this one launched above the ATR Stops line; the pullback provides a better entry point)

Near Triggering

Here’s a quick video run-down of what I’m looking for in these stocks.

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By Cory Mitchell, CMT

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is personal investment advice, or advice to buy or sell anything. Trading is risky and can result in substantial losses, even more than deposited if using leverage.

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