The silver lining of the looming stock market crash [Video]

After a deeply oversold condition in S&P 500, here is a silver lining for the looming stock market crash according to these 4 key aspects. Failure scenario for stock market capitulation is covered in the video.

Click and watch the video below on YouTube (Pro Tip: adjust the speed to 1.5–2X). Pay attention to how to spot the tell-tale signs in anticipation of a rally and at what levels would that likely to fail.


The bullish setup vs. bearish setup is 39 vs 838 from the screenshot of my stock screener below. The spike up of the bearish setup in conjunction with limited bullish setup suggest extreme bearish sentiment in the market, which could be adopted as a contrarian view upon confirmation by the price action.

It is essential to pay attention if the potential rally shows up and the subsequent characteristics of the movement as the failure scenario as explained in the video could be fatal.

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