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According to the New York Post’s Jon Heyman, the White Sox tried to make a run for two-way star Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels. 

“The Padres and White Sox are among other teams known to have tried for Ohtani in recent days, with the Angels originally signaling they are willing to listen to offers on the once-in-a-century phenom,” Heyman wrote. “Several teams inquired, but the interested sides have moved on with the understanding the Angels are deciding to keep their all-time versatile megastar.”

When I first read this headline, I laughed out loud. Just a hearty guffaw while I sit here wait to interview Brett Bielema. I wasn’t necessarily laughing AT the White Sox, but because not a single White Sox fan on earth ever even considered it a possibility. Just seeing the White Sox and Ohtani in the same sentence was like…. woah. Of course they didn’t/couldn’t swing it though and that….. fine. It was a pipe dream. Shoot for the moon, land on the stars type deal. 

[insert “seat at the table joke” here]

But this one ain’t on the Sox. For one, the Sox would prolly have to offer Vaughn, Kopech, Montgomery, ++ to Anaheim. For two, the angels would be committing PR suicide if they traded Ohtani. Unless the Angels were completely blown away with an offer, Sho was was never going anywhere. 

That, and I’m not sure anyone has a package that would be good enough to acquire him. I read an article the other day that said a team acquiring Ohtani would be trading for Luis Castillo on the mound and Matt Olson at the dish packaged into ONE roster spot. That would take 8+ prospects, 4-5 of which would undoubtedly be top 100 prospects (with 2-3 of those being top 20ish) and another established big leaguer probably needed to throw in there to boot. Chances are you’d need a 3 team deal to even swing this type of trade it I’d guess. 

That’s an absurd haul and would have shattered whatever Soto is dealt for, assuming he’s gone in the next 24 hours. 

Can anyone swing that? Maybe… but probably not. Gotta wait for him to hit free agency when he’ll command… I don’t know… $450MM over 8 years? $550MM over 10? He’ll be 29 when he enters free agency, so I think $225-275MM over 8-10 is a safe guesstimate for both his pitching and hitting, though I could be WAY off there. 

I’m rambling at this point. I can’t wait until the White Sox get Ben Gamel and really hammer the division the rest of the year. Might get someone like Mychal Givens too. Not quite Ohtani, but enough to run a train on the rest of the league. Let’s ride! 60 game sprint starts tonight on the beautiful South Side of Chicago against the KC Royals.

We’ll talk about this more in depth on Red Line Radio which will drop Thursday.


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