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Peak Performance 101 is a workshop for traders designed to blast through our self-defeating beliefs and jack up our discipline…which in turn means better trading performance.

I took this course in 2020. I learned exercises—and more importantly, did the exercises with other traders—that improved both my trading and my life.

Start bashing through what’s holding you back at the upcoming Peak Performance Workshop.

One of my main takeaways was finding what I’ll call “internal alignment.” Have you ever had that feeling of being in conflict with yourself? Part of you wants to eat junk food while another part wants to be healthy and fit, or a part of you wants to watch TV while another part wants to put more time into improving your trading, or part of you wants to take random trades and gamble while another part wants to follow your strategy.

These conflicts, if left unchecked, constantly sabotage us. They mess with our trading, eating habits, relationships, or any other area of our life where these conflicts exist.

In the Peak Performance 101 workshop I attended we did exercises to eradicate these conflicts. A huge weight was lifted off of me. Finding that peace…where all parts of myself were working towards the same goal…not against each other. Powerful stuff.

Peak Performance 101 was developed by late Van Tharp:

Dr. Tharp was a methodical researcher of human behavior. He conducted in-depth psychological analyses of more than 5,000 traders and investors in addition to conducting personal interviews with thousands of top traders to learn what elements contributed to their success.

Van painstakingly developed a trading success model that individuals like you and me can use to improve your trading skills…and life overall. Dr. Tharp was the only trading coach Jack Schwager spoke with during his original Market Wizards book which provided interviews with some of the world’s top traders.

Advance your mental and trading edge at the upcoming Peak Performance Workshop.

What You Will Learn

This is a five-day workshop that covers a lot of material and exercises. It is interactive at times, because at some point we have to turn theory into action.

For full details of what is covered, and what you can expect from the workshop, check out this page, scroll down below the workshop dates to the What You Can Expect to Learn and Workshop Objectives sections

When It’s Running and Price

The workshop runs in September 2022. It runs on Saturdays and Wednesdays from Noon to 5 pm EST. When I took the course, some days went longer than planned to finish exercises, etc. Plan for allowing some extra time each day.

Saturday, September 10th
Wednesday, September 14th
Saturday, September 17th
Wednesday, September 21st
Saturday, September 24th

The course is usually $2,995 and was originally done in person. Now the sessions are conducted online (the exercises and group discussions still work great!…the course I took was online) so the price has been reduced to $1,450.

I know everyone’s financial position is different, but I thought the course was worth it. I took away a lot from the workshop and I still refer to the notes and handouts I was provided with during the sessions.

My partner and I still use and discuss the exercises I learned to further our relationship as well. The course more than paid for itself in reducing my trading mistakes, yet it had the added bonus of positively impacting me as a person, my relationships, and my overall well-being.

I think the online live workshop is the best format for this kind of workshop. Mainly because you can do the exercises with other traders and actually break through your trading issues RIGHT THEN. Yet, if you are looking for a cheaper option, that you can do at your own pace, there is a Peak Performance home study version which is about half the price.

If you take the workshop, let me know how it goes, and what your key takeaways from the workshop are. Drop a comment below.

Improve your trading at the upcoming Peak Performance Workshop.

By Cory Mitchell, CMT

Disclaimer: This was my experience of the course and some of the material presented. My interpretation of the material may not be how it was originally intended or I may have explained things wrong. My words are not meant to be a replacement for taking the course. These were just a few things I like about the course, and how I have implemented them. This article contains affiliate links.

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