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The stock investing and ETFs eBook released by TradeThatSwing details simple approaches to investing that have worked for the last century and a half.

Thanks to widespread financial education, people are increasingly investing time and effort into financial literacy to secure financial freedom. One of the main ways that experts recommend for accomplishing this is passive investing, which according to TradeThatSwing, is an excellent time-efficient approach. 

Through the release of its latest eBook that compiles trading strategies and education from the last 150 years, TradeThatSwing hopes to empower more people to take charge of their financial situation.

TradeThatSwing is a one-stop source for stock and forex trading education and analysis. On the website, people can find valuable financial information on day trading, swing trading, and investing strategies. The book, Passive Stock Investing Using ETFs, is authored by Cory Mitchell, a Chartered Market Technician, and full-time trader. Cory has been actively trading since 2005 and writes education articles for TradeThatSwing and other prominent financial sites. 

According to Cory, everyone should invest at least some money in the stock market as it is a savings account on steroids. “Passive investing means doing almost nothing, just collecting the profits. And it turns out, over the last century, this has been an effective strategy.”

The book delves into investing in Exchange-Traded Fund (ETFs), discusses which ones to buy, and how to grow capital with little activity. “It’s like a mutual fund, but with an ETF, you can buy them in your own trading account, without a mutual fund salesman taking hefty commissions.” 

The eBook covers the best ETFs to passively invest in, making it easy to avoid risky investments, diversify, and make profits over the long run. When following the more than 100-year-old effective strategy, it is vital to purchase ETFs at regular intervals without trying to time purchases based on how the stock market is moving. “For passive investing, get the money working as quickly as possible, which is when that money is available to invest.”

The eBook is written for U.S. and Canadian investors.

Essentially, the plan is to start early, invest regularly, and stick to the plan. This is all outlined in detail in the eBook which is now available for all on the TradeThatSwing website.

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