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Access trading courses for stocks, forex, swing trading, day trading, and investing. Courses include eBooks and instructional video courses.

See the trading course offerings below, along with what they cover, capital requirements for that trading style, and the time required for implementing the strategies covered in the course. This will hopefully help you decide which market you want to trade, and which course to purchase (if you currently aren’t sure).

Video courses provide the opportunity to ask questions below each video. This allows you to clarify anything you don’t understand, helping you become a better trader.

Each course purchased provides you with access to a special member’s area. Watch the trading courses at your own pace.

Now, here are the trading courses offered by Cory Mitchell, CMT.

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Stock Day Trading Course

Coming in November 2022

the EURUSD day trading course by cory mitchell CMT

Your video guide to learning how to day trade forex.

Start trading with as little as $100.

This style of trading typically requires 1 to 2 hours per day.

complete method stock swing trading course by Cory Mitchell, CMT

Your video guide to learning how to swing trade stocks poised for explosive moves.

Start trading with as little as $1,000.

This style of trading typically requires 1 hour per week for finding opportunities and managing trades.

forex trading introduction course with cory mitchell, cmt

Want to learn if forex is right for you, and what style of forex trading suits you (day trading, swing trading, trends, news, etc)? Then this is the video course for you.

It will guide you through what forex is, how money is made, what you need to know to start trading, and various trading styles so can you decide where you want to focus your attention.

passive stock investing using ETFs ebook by cory mitchell CMT

This eBook covers how to get started in investing on your own. Doing it on your own means avoiding massive fees which can eat away almost half the retirement nest egg.

Get started with any amount of capital.

Very little time requirement. A few minutes every month to buy the investments discussed.

Things to Know About Trading Courses

It is possible to trade multiple markets and time frames. For example, day trade and swing trade. I do. But I recommend learning one style at a time. If you are most interested in day trading, start with that. Get a handle on it, then learn swing trading if that also interests you. Trying to learn both at the same time may be overwhelming and could take longer to become profitable at one.

The exception to this is passive investing. I think everyone should passively invest some funds. It takes very little time or knowledge, and you can get started with whatever capital you have available. Whether you day trade or swing trade, consider picking up the passive investing eBook (it’s super cheap) as it provides a way to build wealth in the background with little effort.

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