What Happened To Lofi Girl? ‘Y’all Better Get This Fixed’ – Benzinga

The extremely popular, chilled back, downtempo YouTube GOOGL channel Lofi Girl has been taken down abruptly, leaving its more than 10.7 million subscribers without the music (and study buddy) they’ve come to know over the last several years.

What happened: The Lofi Girl brand took to Twitter Inc TWTR to alert its followers that the channel had been taken down due to “false copyright strikes” — something that has happened in the past, and corrected by YouTube in just one day or less — leaving fans with more questions than answers.

Why it matters: The LoFi Girl brand, previously known as ChilledCow, has been taken down at least two times in the past. Both cases were false copyright issues, and YouTube would later lift the ban, issuing an apology and giving the channel back to its owners.

“My account has been unbanned, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tremendous support, I’m grateful to have such an amazing community I will launch the stream again as soon as possible,” the owner, Dimitri said on Feb 20, 2020 after a ban was lifted, attaching an email from YouTube in the tweet.

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In any case, the abrupt dismissal of the popular channel leaves its subscribers without the lo-fi beats they’ve come to pair studying with, check out a few of the reactions on social media.

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